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United States
Hello everyone, my DA name is FleshPalace but you can call me FP for short!

To give out an honest review of myself, I will explain to you my good and bad side in equal parts. I just get very anxious about making new friends, and I think they have a right to know where I fall tall, and small.

Le bad side of me: I have terrible anxiety. It's sometimes so bad that I am not able to work or function proper society. I am not much of a texting person, but if you PM me, I will do my best to get back to you ASAP. I consider myself to be very annoying, but that's usually when I'm around kittens, puppies, or anything like that. I am overweight nihilist slob, but that's just my Goth coming out I guess :P

My better side: I really am a good person, besides my dark fascinations. I don't think I could ever hurt anyone, emotionally or physically. I am very empathetic, so if you have any issue, please come talk to me. I am an INFP after all lol. Um, sorry it's hard to talk about myself in a good light haha. Oh, I am just overall really sweet, and considerate of other's feelings. If we get to know each other, and become besties, I will most likely become your shoulder to cry on :)

My likes: I like.... Hetalia, roleplaying hetalia, deformities (you will notice a lot of that on my page), LOTR (movies and the books), The Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserable, sideshow freaks, horror movies, horror stories (yes, creepypasta), Stephen King-related stuff, anything Catholic.

Thank you! Please PM me!


Abstract Work
Anything creepy, but it must have a tragedy to it. I could do it via drawing or digital hand.


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((Based off of Dante's Inferno. So for those of you who aren't familiar with the Divine Comedy, there are three places you can go after
you die, Paradisio, Purgatorio or the Inferno. I am going to base the story off of the Inferno, which is basically Hell.
There are nine rings in the Inferno: Limbo, Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Wrath, Hershey, Violence, Fraudulence, and Betrayal (where
Lucifer himself resides). Here is an image, and desciptions if you are more curious:…
This roleplay will begin in the Ring of Gluttony.

*RP Character Information*: "My name is Cain. I am a tall, muscular male with light-tan skin and dark black hair. I am 23, and I live with my mother.
I am currently trying to obtain a degree in massage therapy, though I'm more of an artist. I love to eat at McDonalds, and it gives me pride to know that
I've never gainned any weight. I am in love with a girl named Abbey, but now I am trapped in the Inferno, with no way to get out."

*How this story can play out*:
1. A genereic love plot between a demoness and a human can be twisted, as the demoness has many pets, but she loves the human the most, and absolutely cannot have him leave the Inferno out of jealousy for this "Abbey" character.

2. We can make something up! I am all about hurt and comfort, gore and horror so please PM me! ))

It was a dark, grey world below the mantle. There was always rain and pitch black snow that plastered over the obsidian,
rocky landscape. What was this place? I thought, standing naked amongst many others who were naked as well. The air
was cold and moist, like a frozen dancer beyond the audiance. Everyone here was fat, mobidly obese and waddling about as if
they were a certain species of penguin. Some took refuge under massive boulder formations to hide from the rain. Other gawked
aimlessly out in the open, too lethargic to take a walk into shelter. I, being as nimble and flexible as I was, ran to take
cover under a lonesome rock in the distance. Now protected, I try my damndest to remember what had happened
to me. The last thing I saw were bright headlights. Bright headlights... Oh, no. Oh god no. Was this suppose to be Heaven?
It surely didn't look like it! And why was I naked?? Growing up as a Catholic, I was taught that Heaven was suppose to be a
paradise, a paradise of brightness and love... Where was my family? Wasn't I suppose to unite with them as well?
Shivering under the hard surface, a shallow feeling began to eat me whole like a shark. This... was... not Heaven. This was not...
I curled up into a small ball, and wept. Wherever he was, it stunk. It smelt like... blood. Closing my eyes, I tried to
take his my off of this place. It was a dream, right? Just a dream. Hopefully I would soon wake up, without a care in the world.



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Thank you for sticking with me through everything that   
 has occurred as of late. Your continued support and favs 
feel so surreal and I'm so thankful for all of it.                

Thank you. This year has been tough. I made some         
stupid promises last time. lol. Not gonna do it this time  
cause I'm not sure what the future holds, but I do have    

          a ton of art that I'm planning to upload                 
                     from the time I was away.                        
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